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Pune-based Kan Biosys Wins National Sustainable Agriculture Award at FICCI Summit

Pune – Kan Biosys, a multinational company focusing on sustainable farming practices, has been honored with the prestigious National Sustainable Agriculture award at the third Sustainable Agriculture Summit held at FICCI House in New Delhi. The award, presented by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), recognizes Kan Biosys’ outstanding research contributions to sustainable and cost-effective farming.

The award was accepted by Sandeepa Kanitkar, Managing Director of Kan Biosys. Also present at the event were Dr. Medha Kulkarni – Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Prashant Pawar – Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Human Resources, and Mr. Rahul Parakhi – Assistant Vice President of Sales Operations.

Kan Biosys was chosen for this esteemed award for its groundbreaking research on addressing the issue of winter air pollution in New Delhi caused by the burning of paddy straw. Through their product “Speed Kompost” Kan Biosys has developed a technology that completely decomposes the residue/paddy straw within 15 days, thus preserving soil health. This resssssearch, conducted in collaboration with Punjab Agricultural University and Haryana Agricultural University over two years, has been successfully implemented by thousands of farmers in ten districts of Haryana and Punjab.

The burning of crop residue not only contributes to air pollution but also negatively impacts soil fertility, water retention capacity, and the effectiveness of chemical fertilizers. Through their sustainable solutions, Kan Biosys has enabled farmers to make their fields available for the cultivation of the second crop within a short period.

Kan Biosys Founder and Managing Director, Sandeepa Kanitkar, stated, “While consistently conducting research and prioritizing sustainable agriculture, we are pleased that ‘FICCI’ has recognized our efforts with a national award. We have collaborated with the Central Technology Development Board for this research. Alongside rice, we are working to extend these innovations to crops like wheat, sugarcane, and cotton by partnering with various state governments, national and international companies, and voluntary organizations. The central government has recently introduced the National Policy on Carbon Credits, and through this initiative, we aim to economically benefit farmers. We are committed to making a positive impact on farmers’ economic well-being through this approach.”

Kan Biosys, a leading biofertilizer and biopesticide company in India, has been actively collaborating with farmers for over three decades. The company has received numerous national and international accolades for its commitment to quality. With representation across 7 states and 8 countries with over 200 workforce, Kan Biosys has established itself as a prominent player in the biofertilizer industry. Recently, the French company De Sangosse has entered into a strategic partnership with Kan Biosys, showcasing their dedication to sustainable agriculture practices.

In addition to winning the National Sustainable Agriculture Award, Kan Biosys was previously honored with the “NATIONAL AWARD FOR MSME” from the Technology Development Board (TDB) in 2020 for their innovative in situ incorporation of rice stubble using Speed Kompost, which contributes to combating climate change caused by stubble burning and carbon sequestration.

For more details please visit : https://www.kanbiosys.com

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